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Services included in management fee:

Contract setup
Appointment and management of contractors to carry out cleaning, repairs, maintenance and decoration
Arrangement and management of FRA / H&S reports & assessments
Client bank account - set up and management
Client Secure On-line Portal
Electronic and physical record production for annual account review
Electronic storage of all files
Maintenance contracts - preparation and control
Maintenance Portal
Receive and pay invoices from contractors
Service charge collection including invoicing and initial arrears collection service, budgeting and reporting
Supervision of Maintenance Works


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Services available not included in management fee:

Accounts Documents (Copy) per A4 & Postage
Arrears Letter 2 (Offender Only) 
Arrears Letter 3 (Offender Only) 
 Company Secretarial Duties

24 H
our Emergency Cover
Deed of Covenant (Purchasing Leaseholder Only) 
Insurance Claims (Dealing with) 
Insurance Documents (Copy) p per A4 & Postage
Legal Work (Dealing with)
Letter before Action  
Notice of Assignment (Purchasing Leaseholder Only)
Photocopying Costs p per A4 & Postage
Residential First Tier Property Tribunals - Application
Sales Information Pack (LPE 1 Questionnaire)
(Leaseholder Only)
Section 20 Consultation Processes (exc Photocopying Charges)

Other work not included in management contract priced per hour

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