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The Property Experts

Roxburgh Block Management offer a professional, hands-on approach to residential block management in Sunderland and the North East. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with everything they need to ensure that running their building is as stress-free as possible.


Whether you are a freeholder, an RTM company or an RMC, we can help you run your building.  We will manage everything from overseeing all the compliance elements required to make it a safe space through to overseeing and implementing an excellent accounting strategy. We have experience in property management spanning over 2 decades and as fellow property owners, we understand the needs of both leaseholders and freeholders.

We use in-depth management software that allows leaseholders access to compliance documents, log books and service charge breakdowns as well as allowing repairs to be logged and contractors to be matched to jobs.

Our focus is on providing an excellent service with the upmost transparency to allow all parties to build trust. 

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